Angels for Justice Productions is dedicated to making movies that entertain & inspire.
We create artistic & critical successes in the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense genre often cleverly
weaving in socially-conscious issues while making audiences feel good at the same time.

For example, our newest project, A Little Crime Of Passion is an extremely suspenseful
“murder mystery” thriller using three very diverse topics including: The corruption of
America’s “rich & powerful”, particularly top players from Wall Street and the Banking
Institutions… The horrors of child trafficking, and… The intense love between two women.
All three topics blend together in a classic tale of money, power, murder &  justice!

Here’s a little about Anthony Costa (our writer/producer/director)…

  • Anthony is “The Miracle Movie Man” says Jesus Alvarez of Vortex Magazine.
  • Kristian Fraga (Arts & Entertainment) and editor of acclaimed Hollywood director,
    Tim Burton’s
    book, “Interviews”, states: “Anthony is one of the most innovative,
    stylistically independent film artists around.”
  • Adam Zoblotsky (ranked the 6th Best Film Festival director in America by the
    entertainment bible, the “Ross Report”) says: “Anthony consistently writes
    directs great movies that are both powerful and entertaining.”

Anthony has also worked with Academy Award Winners and Actor’s Studio Members,
and his films have won numerous awards and accolades, such as:

Best Director (angelciti Los Angeles International Film Festival)
Best Actor & Best Editor (New York City Filmmakers Festival)
Most Popular Film (Long Island Film Festival Stony Brook)
Best Director (Santa Fe International Film Festival)

Critics around the country said Anthony’s last feature film was…

Monumental – The Detroit News
An Incredible Cinematic Achievement – Fox News
A Modern Classic – Arts & Entertainment
Striking In It’s Sinister Beauty – Ann Arbor News

About Our New Project
:      A Little Crime Of Passion

Together Anthony and Cinematographer & Technical Expert, Darren Levine have
created a “fast-paced & powerful” new feature film about:

*Halting the corruption of America’s “rich & powerful”…
*Smashing a horrific “child trafficking” ring right here in the U.S. and…
*Forcing an immoral “Wall Street Firm” to pay for their crimes…

The Story (inspired by actual events –  see more below)

After a daring, daylight robbery of a high-end Wall Street Investment Firm, several prominent NYC judges show up – dead – still
dressed in their judicial robes. Their bodies have been placed at the foot of iconic New York City locations such as:

the Statue Of Liberty… the Empire State Building… Yankee Stadium… the U.N Building…  and Times Square!

Detective Michael Maggio confronts his main suspect, a man known only as “Silver”. When questioned, Silver reveals that both cases – the
Wall St. robbery, and the dead Judges – are actually linked. He also explains the true nature of the Judges… Each of them was heavily involved
in “child trafficking” and the sexual exploitation of children, including a teenage girl that was very close to Silver himself.

Silver provides more details until Det. Maggio realizes it’s all true. The detective then decides on a greater justice and lets Silver go free… Later, he and Silver (through intermediaries) help create an Abused Children’s Support Center with the money Silver gained from the original “Wall Street” robbery.

A Special Note From Anthony:

“We thought you’d like to know why we’re making this film and why we appreciate your interest so much.”

Five years ago, I had the good fortune to be accepted into, and then later receive two awards, Best Actor & Best Editor (co-shared with editor Howard Simon) at the New York City Filmmakers’ Festival.

At that time, it was my pleasure to meet the festival director, Darren Levine, who is also a professional cinematographer by trade. He had an easy-going, friendly demeanor, and it was obvious that this bright, dedicated man loves movies and the people who make them.

In particular, Darren loves “indie” (independent) filmmakers because they somehow manage to create their art without the assistance of big studios and big money. Being an indie filmmaker myself, I could not agree with Darren’s sentiments more. So, about a year and a half after Darren and I met, when my wife and I were discussing starting another project, I thought I’d give Darren a call to see if he’d like to join in.

To my delight, he told me that he’d been considering what his next project might be, and was thinking of calling me too, which was a pleasant surprise for us both. Then, after an extensive in person meeting, we decided to team up and go forward together.

Now, clearly Darren and I both love movies. But, like most people of late, we’re also very concerned about the excesses of the top executives within the Banking Industry, and on Wall Street, and how they have ripped off the American populous. So we decided to create a fast-paced, intriguing drama about that particular subject.

Additionally, around the same time, I saw not one, but two Special News Bulletins. The first was that same sex marriages were finally legalized in New York… Being social and human rights activists, this news pleased my wife and I very much because we strongly believe that -despite certain religious beliefs- this is ultimately a human rights issue.

However, it was the second news bulletin that really drew our attention: It was a very disturbing report about “Judges & Attorneys” being actively involved in child trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.

It was then that we all (my wife, Darren and I) agreed our next feature ought to do more than just “enthrall and entertain”. It should also be about these three very important topics. If only I, as the writer, could find some way of combining the three very diverse subject matters, into one cohesive storyline.

Of course, we now wanted to celebrate the human rights victory for our LGBT brothers and sisters… And, we also desperately wanted to raise awareness about the atrocities happening to children around the world, especially right in our own back yards, here in the U.S… Not to mention, that we remained committed to bringing attention to the failed financial system that was, and still is, wrecking havoc on the vast majority of Americans.

Therefore, as socially conscious filmmakers we decided to make a suspenseful, modern “film noir” which would be inspired by all the actual events that we had been seeing and hearing so much about. Also, in order to ensure that the film was as true to life as possible, we invited a well-known Technical Adviser,
retired NYC Police Detective, Scotty Dillin to come aboard, and he enthusiastically accepted.

Scotty has been instrumental in keeping many of Hollywood’s best crime dramas on the
right track, such as: “A Perfect Murder”, with Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen, “American Gangster”, which stars Russell Crow and Denzel Wasgington, and “Analyze That”, featuring Robert Deniro and Billy Crystal.

Our hope was to keep everything so real and exciting, that it would capture an audience’s imagination with a powerful and riveting movie based on a script that I would bring to life.

Then, Darren and I would produce it together, and create a feature film which would contain all the elements we wanted to express and share with an audience.

Fortunately, I was able to create that script (see readers’ comments to the upper right, under “THE SCRIPT”). Additionally, filming has gone spectacularly well, and we have completed our principle photography… You can click on “PHOTOS” at the top of this page to view some “production grabs” (a.k.a. still photos) from our actual footage.

If you’re wondering,”Can we really do such a high quality, realistic movie, inspired by
actual events, without a Major Studio behind us?” The answer is: “Yes, we can.

“Here’s how and why…
As we shared earlier, Anthony’s worked with Academy Award Winners and Actors’ Studio Members. However, he is a “fiercely private and independent man” and has intentionally decided to stay free of the “Hollywood Studio System”.

In fact, Anthony is so private and independent-minded that he still has not chosen to list his film history, credits, and awards on IMDB (even though he was graciously invited to after one particular festival win). He also has not created a personal Facebook or Twitter account despite several requests from his closest friends and associates to do so.

Because of this fierce independence, and in order to still make quality films, through the years Anthony has formed close relationships with a number of top industry professionals. Those professionals provide a vast amount of goods & services to us at a fraction of the usual cost!

For example, in addition to Scotty Dillion as our police technical adviser, the highly talented
visual artist, Alexandra “Alex” Ditullio (currently with Viacom & Nickelodeon) has agreed to assist us with any special visual effects that our film may need.

Also two of the owners, Matt & Gino of the posh, upscale hangout the “Park Avenue Tavern” agreed to let Anthony and Darren film there for one of the most important scenes in the movie. The tavern is an in demand destination on the corner of 39th and Park, and has appeared in many TV, film and commercial projects.

Adding contributions like those above, along with what we bring to the table ourselves such as the Yankee Stadium and Times Square locations, makes our practical working budget actually stretch much further than it might otherwise be able to, even though we are not affiliated with a Studio.

Also, remaining successful independent “indie” filmmakers, has required both Anthony and Darren to create and design a number of innovative production techniques. Those techniques allow us to keep our production costs relatively low, all while maintaining extremely high production value for each film.

Anthony’s film experience, along with Darren’s cinematographer’s expertise (both in digital acquisition, and the most up-to-date technologies) also allows our films to be shot in far less time than it takes other less resourceful, or knowledgeable filmmakers.

The very important aspect of Sound Design…

One of the ways that clever producers and directors keep costs down, while actually increasing the production value of a film, is through the creative use of sound. In fact, the world’s best directors such as: Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese, Coppola, Stone and others all say that sound is equally, if not MORE important to the production quality of a movie than the visuals themselves!

We totally agree, and we already have a “Master Sound Designer” aboard who will create and enhance all the sounds needed for each scene in order to maximize the film’s overall impact and feel.

The Film Style

*Although we are shooting the film in color it will be highly stylized as a Modern Film Noir/Suspense, honoring the great Hollywood Classic films such as:

The Third Man, and The Maltese Falcon, and also more recent classics, like The Usual Suspects. (Again, please see some of our production stills by clicking on our “PHOTOS” link at the top of this page to see how well we’ve already accomplished this look.)

We Greatly Appreciate Your Support

Thanks so much, we greatly appreciate your support. We will continually keep you updated and entertained with “behind the scenes” access of how and what we’re doing, as we keep everything moving forward.


P.S. If you’d like, you can see how well Anthony recreated the 1980’s in a modern period piece entitled:

“Thicker Than Water”… It received a number of awards from LA to New York, and was also a double winner at the 2010 NYC Filmmakers Festival… To view a brief trailer of this multi-award-winning feature film, just click the link below:


Thanks Again Everyone…





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